Skilled Rehab and
Long Term Care Facilities
Rehabilitation Services and Post-Acute Care

Skilled Nursing For Seniors & Long Term Care Services

IntrinsiCare can provide teams of experts to support any needs your Skilled Rehabilitation and Long Term Care facility may have. We employ highly qualified caregivers and home health aides with a strong sense of compassion that help your residents build resiliency and thrive.

Rehabilitation Services and Post-Acute Care  

IntrinsiCare builds partnerships that succeed — we would be happy to discuss how we can assist your Skilled Rehabilitation and Long Term Care facility with rehabilitation services, post-acute care and a full range of skilled nursing services for things like wound care and speech therapy as well as an array of other supportive care services.

Services we can offer to enhance patient care at your facility include:

  •     Skilled Nursing Services & Post-Acute Care
  •     Rehabilitation Services, including Speech, Physical, Occupational & Respiratory
  •     Infrared / Anodyne Therapy
  •     Wound Care & Ostomy Care
  •     Intravenous Therapy
  •     Social Services
  •     Home Health Aides
  •     Disease Management
  •     Medical Supplies and Equipment
  •     And Much More!

Call today (1-888-258-9355) to learn more about how IntrinsiCare can assist in your Skilled Rehab & Long Term Facility community!

IntrinsiCare understands that being a good partner is about more than just providing excellent home health care services. At IntrinsiCare we are committed to providing every health care service with a genuine spirit of care that helps individuals in need and fosters a vibrant sense of community spirit in your location.